In the industrial environment, GRUBERTEK GMBH offers tailor-made and individual solutions for the automation of your systems. We plan your plants individually and advise you in advance regarding the feasibility.

On the basis of the planning, we develop the individual schematic for your industrial plant taking into account the respective circumstances and standards that apply to your industry. Specialist companies of our trust build and assemble the switchgear, which we test for their functionality and standard-compliant design.

The programming of control systems of industrial plants is the core competence of GRUBERTEK GMBH. We used high-quality controls, a prerequisite for the long-term functionality of your system. Depending on the application, we offer you a variety of additional components from all well-known manufacturers. Our range ranges from optoelectronic sensors to thermocouples and includes a solid selection of process-technical measuring and analysis devices. Ultimately, your employees can operate the system in their daily work, monitor the production process and, if necessary, intervene in the production process without having to deal with programming.

Thanks to our technical knowledge in the electronic, electrical, mechanical and process engineering fields, we can ensure a smooth commissioning of your system. We are familiar with numerous process engineering processes. Technical challenges that arise at the moment of commissioning are usually solved as part of commissioning.

We connect to your system via remote maintenance. This allows us to make changes in a timely manner and to assist you in troubleshooting the problem.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can adapt old machines and systems to your current needs. Based on an in-depth analysis, we create an individual concept to bring your system up to date. We are also at your side with regard to safety-related questions concerning the applicable standards and laws.